Welcome to the first edition of the war report. I am Danny Marco and I here to report on all things Wrestlewars. This past sunday was historic day as we crown three champions. But before we discuss the winners. Lets talk about how they got there it was announced before the show went live that due to some travel issues by some of the wrestlers there would be two six man over the top battle royals. continue

Wrestlewars MultiMedia
Battleground #1 Champions Will be crowned! Match #1
A full roster battle royal to determine placement into the World Championship single elimination Tournament
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE TOURNAMENT First round match ups 1Vs16 2Vs15 3Vs14 4Vs13 5Vs12 6Vs11 7Vs10 8Vs 9 The 3rd and 4th place finisher will take on the 5th and 6th place finisher for the Tag team titles
test show Show
Blood & Steel #1 1Vs2 3Vs4 5Vs6 7Vs8 9Vs10 The Card
example The Show


Please consider these rules before signing up. The rules set forth are subject to change.

  • 01. Once you are sign up all I ask is that you stay threw the current season.
  • 02. There is only a one Roleplay limit for our bi-weekly show.
  • 03. If you no-show a event you are booked. You will not be on the show.
  • 04. Three no shows in a row and you will be let go and your wrestler will become a Jobber.
  • 05. If you have a problem with something/one please be respectful and contact one of the Wrestlewars staff members via pm.
  • 06. Do to limitations of the WWE games I will only be accepting Male Wrestlers at this time. If down the road I am able to have female vs male wrestlers I will then be open to having female wrestler.
  • 07. We are all adults(for the most part) all that I really ask is be respectfull of each other.
  • Other information

  • WrestleWars will be done in a seasonal format consisting of 10 shows.(8 normal 2 ppv) At the conclusion of each season the champions will automatically be invited back. There after the current roster will be ask to if they want to resign. Once the current roster as either resign or left. I will open it up to new signings. Until I have a roster of no less than 15 competitors.
First rule of efedding HAVE FUN!)
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